1966 Lotus Cortina Mark I Race Car

Make: Lotus
Model: Cortina
Type: Mark I
Year: 1966
Chassis #: BA74FM59737
Engine: Lotus Twin Cam 1.6-Liter
Transmission: 4-Speed
Carbs: Weber DCOE 40 Carburetors
Differential: Quaife Limited Slip
Color: White with Green Stripes

History: A 1966 Lotus Cortina Mark I road car converted to a historic racing car some 20 years ago. Raced in SVRA on the East Coast and with CVAR in the Texas region in 2010. Then selling to an owner in Long Island who kept the car until just recently.

Description: Compression and leak down performed in early 2023, with the following results: compression cylinder 1: 160, cyl. 2: 160, cyl. 3: 154, cyl. 4: 163; leak down as follows: cylinder 1: 10%, cyl. 2: 7%, cyl. 3: 10%, cyl. 4: 6%. Accusump oil system, aluminum radiator, rev limiter, electronic ignition, oil cooler, front anti-roll bar, Holley fuel pump, braided oil lines. Minilite style alloy wheels, Sparco steering wheel. Glass front windshield with Plexiglass rear quarter windows and rear window. Electric cutoff switch. Standard dash with gauges for fuel, amperage, water, oil temperature, additional modern tachometer mounted on steering column.

Safety Equipment: The following safety equipment is expired and will need to be renewed: Sparco EVO XL seat, seat belts, fire bottle, fuel cell.

Price: Inquire.