3-Piece Black Leather Porsche Suitcases



Description of Pieces:

A three piece set of hard cased luggage that was designed to fit behind the front seats on the rear shelf when the rear seat backs are folded down. It is held in place by custom Leather Luggage straps. The bottom case has a wood frame to support the two pieces which are placed on top. Each case has two external locks, two straps and handles for carrying. The interior is nicely lined in plaid fabric. This custom built reproduction luggage set is exactly like the hard-to-find Seeger built luggage for Porsche.

Made By:

This set of luggage was made by Taris Charysyn & Company of West Kill, New York. They have been a builder of automotive luggage within their own right and have a top reputation for quality automotive luggage. Supplying collectors of Mercedes, Ferrari and Porsche cars as the original luggage is no longer available.

Historical Background:

Seeger Lederwaren was founded on November 11th 1889 in Offenbach am Main, Germany by leather saddler, Karl Seeger. It soon became a world renowned company for its quality leather goods. Often producing specialty pieces for celebrities such as conductor, Leonard Bernstein and Pope Paul VI. The Company also won gold metal awards at the 1937 Paris International Exhibition and 1958 Brussels World Fair. Seeger Leather Goods was to produce custom fitting Automotive Luggage for Porsche during the 1950’s and 1960’s. Specially constructed pieces to fit the shape of the available space in Porsche’s 356. This was a time when European car owners were offered car luggage as an accessory when buying a new Porsche 356.



Large Suitcase (1):      30” x 20.5” x 7.5”
Small Suitcase (2):      15” x 20.5” x 7.5”